Our Philanthropy/ Donations

BIG Country Hotel & Suites in Abilene, Texas is a Minority Owned Philanthropy Forward Boutique Hotel or as we like to call it BIG-Lanthropy (Big-In-Giving-Lanthropy!) We endeavour the Golden Rule and inspire to create a Positive Butterfly Effect.  Each day as we continue to grow on this journey, we strive to be better & do better, to promote Diversity, Inclusion, Environmental, and Social responsibilities which is a BIG part of our DNA.
We want to specially thank our wonderful customers, who Stay in Style With A Purpose by Booking Direct on our website or by calling the hotel, for their continued support which enables us to Pay It Forward and give back in BIG ways... THANKS Y'ALL!!  
  • 100,001 meals provided to food banks
  • In 2019 & 2020, 100% of our profits were given
  • 1526 bars of SoapBox soaps given (SoapBox is a certified B corporation)
  • Planted 55 tress to further reduce our carbon footprint
  • 100% renewable energy is used to reduce our carbon footprint
  •  $1,500 worth of School supplies given in the US
  •  $5,000 worth of necessities such as blankets, personal care items, clothing, toys, etc given in the US